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No matter what you’ve heard or read, slot machines are a game of luck and there is no way they can be manipulated to produce victories but there are things you can do to be sure you have the maximum chance of winning while enjoying entertainment. Here we have all the details on the StarGames.


Basic online slot tips


We’ve compiled this list of our best slot tips to help you do it:


  • Before you even consider gambling in a casino, determine what your bankroll is to play and be sure to keep up to not lose the money you can not afford to lose. It is often a good idea to open a separate account for the game so that no cut of personal funds or home. Web Wallets are excellent for this purpose.


  • When choosing an online casino not only to investigate their reputation, but also check payment on slots, which differ slightly from casino casinos, and that marginal difference increases your chances of winning.

  • Once you have chosen a casino, check the odds of the game you want to play. While each slot is unique, usually those with higher value coin requirements offer higher odds. You can explore the StarGames.
  • As discussed in the detail section chooses with slot wisdom. The largest number of reels have a game, the largest payouts, but the best odds are usually offered in 3 reel machines. Also remember that progressives are much slower than regular slots but higher payouts, and your money will be faster to reduce your entertainment time.
  • Know when to quit. This way you will not lose money you don’t have or keep the money you win instead of playing it all back because of greed.


  • Read the rules of each machine so you know what the terms mean, as some of them have different definitions depending on the machine. These also help you understand the winning lines and bonus rounds so you can make the most of these on each bet.


  • Always know what the minimum number of coins is, and name them in a machine and be       sure to bet the maximum on machines to activate all payment lines. This means you should choose a game that you can afford, instead of playing something that can and not losing your jackpot, why not “maximum bet” play.


  •  Slot machine betting accounts represent the highest percentage of bonus bet requirements, so keep in mind when claiming the bonus, but be sure to read the terms and conditions before, sometimes not worth it.


  • Slot machines running on a Random Number Generator (RNG), so they do not become superstitious and think a machine with only one game is its “gambling”. If you are on a losing streak, continue trying something different, it can only be “hot” too.


  • Develop a model where you bet higher amounts when you are winning and passing small amounts when you lose. This way you can extend your playing time and extend your bankroll more, giving you more chance


Know when to quit. This way you will not lose money you don’t have or keep the money you win instead of playing it all back because of greed

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